Overview: The 2017 Ford GT

Overview: The 2017 Ford GT

by Everett Van Horn

Rumors of a new GT had been floating around for a while, but Ford went to great lengths to keep the update a secret. It's rumored that only six people actually knew about the Ford GT in advance, and if Ford was looking to surprise the world with its unveiling, mission accomplished.

The new GT is totally redesigned and looks great. The old GT body style is still recognizable, but has a much more futuristic look. Die hard GT fans, however, are having trouble getting used to where the power is coming from. The old GT used a 5.4 liter supercharged V8 that put out 550 horsepower matted to a traditional six speed. The new GT went a completely different way, going with Ford's patented EcoBoost engine. The new GT will be receiving a twin turbo-charged EcoBoost V6, which Ford claims will be producing over 600 horsepower.

The other small complaint we're hearing about the new GT is the rumored lack of a traditional gearbox, which could be okay, as long as Ford is able to produce a gearbox with lightning quick shifts. Prices have been floating around recently and it seems that the new GT will set you back $348,000. Better start saving now if you want to purchase this new hypercar.

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