15 Amazing Pairs of Driving Shoes

15 Amazing Pairs of Driving Shoes

In the past, some have asked what kind of shoes I wear in my reviews. Here's a great blog post about driving shoes. I wear Puma Future Cats similar to the ones pictured and they're still my all-time favorite driving shoe. What's yours?

If you truly take your driving seriously, you know that a comfortable and dependable driving shoe is an absolute must. Driving shoes are great because they provide comfort during long drives, they ensure that your foot doesn't slide off the pedal, and a lot of the time, they just look really cool!

To aid in your quest to find the perfect driving shoe, we have complied a list of some of the greatest driving shoes known to man. These will not only keep you safe, but will keep you looking sharp as well.


Minnetonka Classic Moccasins



Ralph Lauren




G.H. Bass


Louis Vuitton


Cole Haan

Puma Future Cat Line


Have any driving shoes that you prefer? Sound off in the comments.

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